introspective (quiet - thoughtful - reflective - individualized)

architecture (mindful - deliberate - logical- design for building) 

What is Introspecture?  

Introspecture evokes architectural introspection.  It is design that is intentionally more quiet than brash.  Design that is thoughtful and tailored to be lived and worked in, not just admired from afar.   Introspecture architecture is respectful of the environment, in harmony with its surroundings, functional, efficient, and beautiful.   

Introspecture was established in 2022 by Karen Chiu to create sustainable, beautiful spaces that are meant to function well and above all else be enjoyed.  Karen is a Seattle-based architect and consultant who has lived and worked in the Pacific Northwest for the past 30 years.  In 2007, she obtained her masters of architecture from the University of Washington and embarked on a career in architecture with a particular interest in sustainable building.  She is trained in passive house building techniques and design, and was a PHIUS certified passive house consultant from 2018-2022.  Karen's work continues to embrace the sustainable design principles embodied by passive house and net zero buildings, and she encourages her clients to build highly energy efficient, low energy use buildings whenever feasible.   

Architectural Experience


owner - architect



consultant/project architect for 

Adams Architecture



Studio AM Architecture / Interiors

senior architect



Integrus Architecture

project architect



Stuart Silk Architects

designer - architect - project manager



Stuart Silk Architects - The Commercial Studio

staff designer


M. Arch. University of Washington

J.D. Boston University

B.S. Northwestern University


Passive House Institute US (PHIUS)

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